The Play To Your Health Program


Agility is the ability to change the body's position efficiently, and requires the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, coordination, speed, strength, and endurance. The Play To Your Health program incorporates agility training in fun and effective ways.


Balance is the foundation of athletic coordination. Training for good balance increases athletic performance and significantly reduces risk of injuries. The Play To Your Health program incorporates balance training in a fun and rewarding way using obstacle courses, slack line, gymnastics skills, indo-boards, balance boards, surf simulation, dance, and much more.


Play To Your Health places great value on flexibility. Every class includes a full-body stretch. Students are taught the importance of stretching and flexibility for a long healthy life.


Strength training is a part of every Play To Your Health class. All of our games, challenges, and exercises engage students total body. Students also learn basic strength training exercises such as squats and lunges.

Athletic Skills

Throwing and Catching

Students practice throwing and catching balls from a wide variety of sports. In addition to sports balls we use training balls that challenge students hand eye coordination.


Kicking skills are practiced often in Play To Your Health. Students learn proper form and practice their foot mechanics in a variety of challenges.


Poor running technique causes muscle imbalances and injuries. Play To Your Health teaches proper running form so that students are always performing at their best. 


Climbing increases total body strength and control. In the Play to Your Health obstacle vault we have several climbing challenges that really show students what they are made of. Each one can be modified for all abilities.

Sports Skills

Play To Your Health's introduction to sports leaves players with a great first impression Our creative training methods increase players' skills while having a great time! Team sports are presented competition free and with all the focus on teamwork and having fun!


Students learn how to properly control and kick the ball. From passing to a team mate to shooting a goal, Play To Your Health teaches correct foot mechanics for a lifetime of soccer success!


From learning proper shooting and dribbling form to engaging in endless throwing and shooting challenges in Play To Your Health, students are constantly improving their basketball skills. 


Bumping, setting and spiking are all skills needed in Volleyball and perfected in Play To Your Health. Students love practicing their volleyball skills whether they are using a real volleyball, foam dodgeball or giant inflatable lightweight ball!


Correctly holding the hockey stick, manuevering the puck or ball through a course and shooting into a goal are all skills students perfect in hockey practice in Play To Your Health. Our safe hockey sticks use hand guards to prevent students from hurting each others fingers.


There is something extra fun about catching and throwing a ball with a tool. We use a variety of lacrosse sticks, from foam nets to the real thing. Our creative training methods increase players' lacrosse skills with a great time!


All of the fun and none of the danger! Students learn how to properly throw and catch a football. Our creative training methods increases players' football skills with a great time!


Play To Your Health features endless games that require baseballs skills. Students practice their hand eye coordination when learning how to correctly hit a ball with a baseball bat. As always Play To Your Health only uses the safest equipment including soft bats and baseballs to prevent injuries.


The only golf class that guarantees a sweat. Play To Your Health's golf program brings the links to you. The putting green, mini golf obstacles, driving nets, and more.

Independent Sports

Independent sports are a great opportunity for students to work as an individual without the stress and competition of a team. Independent sports are a more realistic exercise outlet in adulthood and therefore the more practice students have working on their own and perfecting their skills as an individual the more prepared they will be for working out as adults.


Gymnastics is the root of the Play To Your Health program. No sport teaches body awareness like gymnastics. We strive to bring more equipment to our school then any other program, to ensure our students are receiving the best basic gymnastics instruction.

Martial Arts

Student love our karate influenced exercises. Working individually on karate skills helps show coaches students' abilities.

Board Sports

Board sports continue to soar, and we want to make sure our students have the fundamentals required to give them a go! In addition to our extensive balance training, we use board sport training equipment to teach introduction to tricks!


Yoga has the ability to give you an intense workout, loosen your muscles and calm your mind all in one. Being able to stabilize the body and contort into different positions requires a high level of mind-body connection. From a sun-salutation to holding a position on unstable platforms, PTYH yoga takes things to the next level.

Track and Field

Jogging and running are the top cadiovascular work outs. Correct form is the most important aspect of track and field, students are taught how to run properly and practice in every class.


Not everyone will admit to enjoying dance, but with so many styles and interpretations we are not buying it! Play to Your Health incorporates music and dance in a variety of ways, from learning cool hip hop moves to simply moving to the beat.

Free Running

Free running or parkour is a new sport described as moving through your environment with out limitations. Simply put it means running around using gymnastics influenced moves. We incorporate some of these moves in exercises to promote body awareness.

Obstacle Courses

Play to Your Health original obstacle courses are fun and challenging. Inspired by a wide range of sports, gymnastics, and exercises, these courses give students the chance to practice skills solo. Our constantly growing equipment list makes Play To Your Health obstacle courses the best!

PTYH Games

Play to Your Health original games are influenced by sports, playground games, and exercises. We use a wide varety of fun equipment to enhance our games to the next level. In today's world the advances in video games makes the standard game of "kickball" look boring to some. It is our mission to not stop innovating real world games and sports so every child loves to move.

PTYH Challenges

From inflatable obstacles to climb to target challenges and more there is always a new challenge to conquer at Play To Your Health!


Play To Your Health classes are supportive, non-intimidating, and non-competitive. Our games give players the chance to work as a team and cheer each other on!

Problem Solving

Catch, throw, run, jump, THINK! Students work their most important muscle, their BRAIN. Problem solving keeps class interesting. Our games and challenges combine physical exercises with thinking exercises. This does not only make students smarter, but often improves students' physical performance by forcing them to let go and just move.

Educational Lessons

Class themes give us the opportunity to teach students about more than just sports and fitness. Example themes include: Space, Animals, and Math! Learning becomes a part of the fun.